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6 Health Benefits of Far Infrared Saunas By Dr. Frank Lipman

What Is An Infrared Sauna And Why Should You Try It Out?

Ever wanted to have a sauna installed in your own home? Then you’ve probably looked into it online and found that there are all kinds of different saunas that you can have. Infrared are the newest and possibly the most effective sauna that’s on the market. What is an infrared sauna, and why should you try it out for...

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What Is Far Infrared Therapy and Why Does It Work In Saunas?

What Is Far Infrared Therapy and Why Does It Work In Saunas? You may have already heard about Far Infrared Therapy and its amazing benefits. However, what you may not be aware of is the long history of this type of treatment and how it is perfect for use in saunas. This type of therapy uses Far Infrared Rays (FIR) which...

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Alejandro Junger, M.D.

The Power of Infrared Saunas

Dr. Alejandro Junger, New York cardiologist and detoxification specialist, answers your questions about infrared saunas. Question: Why is detoxification so important? Answer: When our systems are overtaxed, they begin to break down in a multitude of ways. Allergies, headaches, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, weight gain, and insomnia are just a few of the resulting symptoms. The majority of these common...

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