Turn Your Home Into A Wellness Retreat

You don’t need a large space to create a wellness retreat in your home – sometimes, the cozier, the better. We recently asked our Instagram community “What would be in your self-care space”? A few common threads were: yoga, heat therapy, cold plunge and a chef’s kitchen. We enjoyed the feedback so much we put together a helpful list of the most popular responses. Here’s a peek at 5 popular ways you can elevate your life and living space to align with your health and wellness goals. ⁠


Food is fuel. A kitchen filled with fresh, nutritious food is a great way to transform your health and home. The many benefits to having a fridge and pantry packed full of vibrant, delicious food include: increased energy levels, weight management, heart health and better quality sleep. When deciding which foods to invest in, shop the perimeter of the store and prioritize fresh produce such as vegetables, fruits and herbs. To maximize flavor and nutrition shop by what’s in season. Local farmers’ markets and CSA programs are also a fantastic way to purchase staple foods at a lower cost. This also encourages meal plans and healthier dishes with fruits/veggies instead of quick/easy box meals. Or, you can take a leap into self-sufficiency by growing your own garden! This is a phenomenal way to prioritize your nutrition plus get your hands in the earth.

“A healthy, well-rounded diet should primarily comprise whole, nutrient-dense foods. I’m talking about foods such as veggies, fruits, and protein sources like fish and eggs [unless you’re vegan] beans, nuts, and seeds. These are foods to prioritize on your list.” – Healthline


Dedicating a space where you can roll out a mat for movement, do cardio or lift weights will result in a tremendous amount of mind-body benefits. Prioritizing time for exercise can be challenging, so having a space in your home is not only convenient, but it allows for the flexibility of your time plus freedom from a commute. Transforming an area into a home gym space can be a significant cost saver plus you get to design it with personal motivators: customized equipment, wall colors, music, motivational phrases… it’s a blank canvas!

“The most underrated way to boost mental health is regular exercise.” – Dr. James DiNicolantonio


Spicing up your wellness space with an infrared sauna can add a tremendous amount of benefits. From flushing out toxins to reducing stress to better heart health – overall, saunas are an unparalleled investment in your health. Many feel challenged by the question, “a sauna sounds amazing, but where would I put a sauna?” Well, you’re in luck! Clearlight Saunas can accommodate any space whether you prefer a 1-person sauna, a portable sauna dome, or a large indoor/outdoor sauna to host friends and family. There’s a sauna sized for everyone and every space! Clearlight saunas set the standards for the most advanced infrared technology, low EMF/ELF and they’re built with the highest quality materials. Plus, they include a Lifetime Warranty – a solid protection of your investment. What isn’t to love?!

“While I love having the sauna in my backyard so I can hop in for a session whenever I need, I also try to incorporate the sauna into my regular daily routine. Establishing a routine is so important for maintaining rhythm and creating the “space” and time to allow me to incorporate all of my favorite wellness rituals into my day.” – Lauren Roxburgh


The power of stillness…taking time to meditate each day can improve your mood, focus and sleep resulting in an overall healthier state of well-being. The magic of meditation is you can do it anywhere, anytime. We recommend creating a designated spot in your home or changing it up to find the space that works well for you, this simple and effective routine will bring light and levity into your life.

“When we do that, meaning when we sit or lie down and close our eyes, as trivial as that shift might sound to you, it actually is a profound shift in the way that your brain and other neural circuits in your body function…” – Andrew Huberman


A good night’s rest is vital to living a healthy lifestyle. Keeping your bedroom cool, dark and quiet can be useful for getting the sound zzz’s you need. Another powerful and helpful tip to create an effective sleep cycle is to avoid technology at least an hour before bed. TV’s, monitors and phones emit blue light which decreases the production of melatonin resulting in interference with the body’s natural ability to rest and restore. Leaving your phone in the another room and minimizing electronics in the bedroom in general is a great way to reduce EMF exposure and improve overall sleep quality. Invest in a comfortable and supportive mattress and pillow, go to bed early and consider reading or use a soothing white noise machine to drown out anything that might be disturbing. A “Wake Up Light Sunrise” clock is also a much more relaxing and enjoyable way to rise if you require an alarm to wake up. (Jen from our team says this is one of the BEST things she ever gave her husband!)

“Sleep is essential to every process in the body, affecting our physical and mental functioning the next day, our ability to fight disease and develop immunity, and our metabolism and chronic disease risk.” – Erica Jansen

In addition to the above suggestions, you can also transform your home into a zen space with:

  • Calming wall colors
  • Simply stated decor
  • Inspiring pictures/art
  • Decluttering spaces (remember, less is more)
  • Plants
  • Himalayan salt lamps
  • Crystals/stones
  • Water feature
  • Aromatherapy diffuser
  • Quiet reading nook


How will you transform your home this year?

We wish you the best in health this New Year! Please reach out to us anytime, we’re here for you and happy to help.

The Heal with Heat Team can reached at 800-317-5070 or info@HealwithHeat.com