Easy, Stress-free assembly

Saunas can be assembled by any 2 adults, even if they have no prior sauna building experience. Clearlight® Premier saunas take about 1 hour to assemble and Clearlight® Sanctuary saunas take about 2 hours to assemble. Some people opt to have their saunas assembled by a handyman with an assistant. No tools are required for the sauna assembly, with the exception of a Philips screwdriver.

All of the saunas come with the heaters, electrical, sound system and lights pre-installed in the sauna walls and roof. For this reason, the saunas go together easily and they can also be disassembled, moved and reassembled – all with equal ease.

If you have any questions about sauna installation, please call us at 800-317-5070.

*White Glove Installation is available in some areas. Please call 800-317-5070 for more details.

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