Sanctuary and Premier Saunas Comparison


Two Distinct Models to Rejuvenate Body and Soul

To satisfy discerning styles and performance preferences in the healthiest way possible, we offer modern Clearlight® Sanctuary Full Spectrum saunas, as well as classically-crafted Clearlight® Premier saunas. Each infrared sauna is well-appointed with state-of-the-art functionality that encompasses ease-of-use, the safest components and circuitry, highest quality woods and non-toxic materials.
Features Sanctuary Full Spectrum Premier Far Infrared
Low EMF and Low ELF Yes Yes
True Wave™ Far Infrared Heaters Yes Yes
True Wave™ Full Spectrum Heaters with Near, Mid and Far Infrared Heat Yes Upgrade
Canadian Mahogany or North American Basswood Cabin Yes Yes
Never Fail™ Digital Key Pad Yes Yes
Reservation Mode Yes Yes
Bluetooth, MP3, AUX and Smart Device Connectivity Yes Yes
High-Fidelity Nakamichi Speakers Yes Yes
IOS and Android App Control Yes No
Ergonomic Backrest and Bench Yes Yes
Ceiling Vents Yes Yes
Limited Lifetime Warranty Yes Yes
Modern Glass Roof Yes No
Classic Wood Roof No Yes
Medical Grade 96 LED Lights Chromotherapy with 12 Color Sequence and Remote Control Yes Upgrade
Standard Chromotherapy with 15 LED lights and 7 Color Sequence No Yes
Built-in Smart Device Multi-function Charging Cabinet Yes No

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