One of the easiest and safest ways to detox is through regular use of the infrared sauna. These saunas have increased dramatically in popularity and are now one of the best prescriptions to achieve overall good health. They are portable and can be set up almost anywhere. Russian cosmonauts even built an infrared sauna in the orbiting space station! Technology has solved the age-old problem of not being able to breathe in the regular box-of-rocks saunas normally found at the health club or gym by using infrared instead. Infrared saunas keep the air at a comfortable temperature because the penetrating infrared heats your body, much more so than the air.


Infrared also works to release toxins in a much different way than the traditional sauna. Detoxification is a two-stage process in the infrared sauna. The first stage is mobilization, where the toxin is freed from the cell that is binding it, usually a fat cell. Infrared, if produced in the proper wavelength in the sauna, will initiate a phenomenon called resonant frequency. This is where an object, or in this case the cell, will start to vibrate and amplify the energy of the infrared wavelength.

The infrared penetrates into the soft tissue an inch to an inch and a half. A vibration builds up in the cell until the toxin is cleaved off or mobilized into the interstitial fluid, the fluid surrounding the cells. Then the toxins go into the second stage of detoxification which is elimination. Without elimination the toxins would eventually re-attach to other cells. For the elimination phase of the process, we want to sweat out the toxins using the largest organ in the body – the skin. Through perspiration, the skin will eliminate the toxins without burdening the other major organs of elimination such as the kidneys, liver and gastro-intestinal tract and lungs.


Infrared therapy is low-temperature therapy. The scientific principles that are used to calculate infrared emissions from a surface or body show that lower temperatures produce higher quality far infrared heat. A far infrared heater having a surface temperature of approximately 180-200° F, like Clearlight True Wave® Heaters, will produce much higher quality far infrared heat than a heater running at 450 degrees or, as some heaters do, 700 degrees.  Add in the additional benefit of 1,000 watts of full spectrum infrared in Clearlight® Sanctuary Saunas and receive the ultimate in infrared therapy.

Turn the temperature all the way up and preheat your sauna for 30-45 minutes. The temperature will continue to climb during your sauna session. Because infrared therapy is a low-temperature therapy, you’ll be able to comfortably stay in the sauna longer, sweat more and receive more benefits.



The answer to this question is Yes and No. In an infrared sauna, the infrared heat warming your body is the most important aspect of your sauna. You can sit in your sauna with the door and roof vent open and you will still sweat and get the benefits of the healing and relaxing infrared heat. That being said, everyone wants the cabin temperature in their sauna to be warm as it is more comfortable to sit in and it helps raise core body temperature. The combination of excellent quality infrared heat and a sufficiently warm sauna cabin is the key to a quality far infrared sauna.

As a sauna manufacturer, Clearlight has found the balance between heaters that produce excellent quality infrared heat that will penetrate deep into your body and heaters that generate enough infrared heat to warm the sauna so you are comfortable.

All Clearlight® Sauna models achieve this balance for an exceptional sauna session. The heaters produce high quality infrared heat and do an excellent job of warming the sauna cabin.



In order to effectively raise the body’s core temperature, it's important to be completely surrounded by infrared heaters. Infrared heat is a form of light and travels in a straight line, so it's important to have heaters on the back wall, side walls, front wall, for your legs, and beneath the floor. The heaters in each Clearlight® sauna are strategically placed so that you will be bathed in infrared heat from all 4 walls, as well as from the sauna floor. 

In many saunas, you’ll see heaters that go all the way to the ceiling. This is not only a waste of energy but lacks the focus of heating the body’s core. In other saunas, you’ll see the placement of ceramic heaters every few feet with only 2 or 3 individual heaters in the sauna – this doesn’t give you the infrared heat exposure that is so essential. The number of heaters and the heater placement are important factors affecting the efficiency and efficacy of each infrared sauna.

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