What is Red Light Therapy

August 17, 2022
Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy, also known as photobiomodulation (PBM), is a combination of red light and near infrared. PBM is a noninvasive treatment which was first used in a scientific study in 1967, by Professor Endre Mester. During the 1980s NASA began using intense Red Light Therapy (RLT) to grow plants in space. While studying the plants, they began to notice that the RLT was not only benefiting the plants, but the astronauts as well. Due to these findings, NASA began to eagerly research RLT and discovered many benefits – not just for plant life, but for humans too. RLT produces a specific light wavelength absorbed by the mitochondria to stimulate the release of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). ATP is pure cellular energy which is what our bodies need to heal and thrive. With more energy, cells throughout your body can do their jobs more efficiently, whether this is enhancing skin rejuvenation, boosting new cell growth, aiding in muscle recovery, or supporting healthy hormones.

“The latest studies on red light therapy continue to support decades-old findings that demonstrate the therapeutic and preventative effects, with benefits to hormonal, gut, and brain health at the forefront of the research.”
– Ben Greenfield

Red Light Benefits

  • Skin Rejuvenation – a growing list of anti-aging benefits include improved skin tone, collagen production/density, softness, natural glow as well as reducing fine lines/wrinkles
  • Muscle Performance – improves muscle strength, recovery, and oxidative stress when used in conjunction with exercise
  • Improve Sleep – shown to have a positive effect on quality of sleep resulting in increased performance and clarity
  • Manage Inflammation – stimulates healing, relieves pain and reduces inflammation in addition to a positive impact on tissue and organs
  • Eye Health – decreases retinal inflammation and improves retinal healing
  • Cognitive Health – promising research to support treating depression and MDD (major depressive disorder) as well as increase memory and attentiveness

Additional Benefits

  • Increase testosterone
  • Boost immune system
  • Improve TMJ symptoms
  • Improve hair growth
  • Increase blood flow
  • Stimulates weight loss
  • Improve metabolic processes
  • Heal wounds/scar tissue/nerves
  • Improve joint pain and arthritis
  • Activate lymphatic system
  • Increase longevity/cell proliferation

How to use RLT

Clearlight’s Red Light Therapy Tower combines powerful red light (650nm) and near infrared (850nm) wavelengths to penetrate deep into your cells. The Clearlight Red Light Tower is the only system in the market designed to withstand the heat of an infrared sauna. It can be attached to any Clearlight sauna door to maximize your time or we offer an adjustable stand so that it can be used anywhere in your home (plugs into a standard wall outlet). We recommend 10-30 minutes depending on your proximity to the light tower.

Chromotherapy & RLT

The colored lights on the ceiling of our saunas, known as Chromotherapy, are not the same as RLT. Although the lights offer a variety of colors and red is one of them, its benefits and purpose are different. Chromotherapy is used for many healing purposes – balancing chakras, easing symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and improving mental health. RLT is much stronger, it’s designed to penetrate into the body at a much deeper level – resulting in significant cellular energy and biological benefits.

Maximizing your RLT Benefits:

  1. Use it frequently
  2. Wear minimal clothing
  3. Stay hydrated
  4. Pair with infrared heat
  5. Target specific areas

“Research done by NASA has shown that red light technology can successfully reduce symptoms experienced by cancer patients, including painful side effects caused from radiation or chemotherapy”
– Dr. Josh Axe

Eye Protection

We often get asked if protective eyewear is needed when using RLT. Red Light Therapy is bright and your eyes may need time to adjust, however, there are emerging studies illustrating how RLT is beneficial for eye health. We include two pairs of eye protection for those who wish to wear them.Red Light Therapy has a bright history and studies continue to support its many health and wellness benefits. Research continues to show we gravitate towards light frequencies because they make us feel energized, stimulated and joyful – similar to soaking in the healing rays of natural sunlight.

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