What is LMNT?

LMNT is a zero-sugar electrolyte drink mix born from the growing body of research revealing that optimal health outcomes occur at sodium levels 2-3x government recommendations. Each stick pack delivers a meaningful dose of electrolytes free of sugar, artificial colors, and other dodgy ingredients. LMNT is formulated for anyone on a mission to restore health through hydration, and is perfectly suited for athletes, folks who are fasting, sweating or those following keto, low-carb, whole-food, or paleo diets.

Our Heal with Heat team, all dedicated sauna lovers, enjoys LMNT both during and after our sauna sessions. When sitting in a Clearlight sauna the heaters produce infrared wavelengths which the body absorbs - raising the core body temperature. This heat causes the body to produce sweat as a natural cooling mechanism. This deep, core-based sweat helps dilate blood vessels, increase circulation, promote detoxification of chemicals and pollutants, deep cleanse the skin, and improve overall heart health and longevity. SO many benefits… and all you have to do is relax in the sauna and replace the electrolytes that get sweat out. RELAX and REPLACE. With LMNT it’s easy because it’s a tasty, refreshing drink you’ll look forward to.

LMNT has 7 flavors and 1 unflavored. The flavors are Citrus, Watermelon, Orange, Grapefruit, Raspberry, Mango Chili and Chocolate. The 3 favorites of our Heal with Heat team are: RASPBERRY, GRAPEFRUIT, and CITRUS. 

LMNT has a fantastic offer for our community. Use this link - DrinkLMNT.com/heat and you’ll receive an 8-pack sampler with every purchase! Fill up a 24oz bottle of water, add a packet of LMNT, chill and take it with you in the sauna or for your workout. You'll see why LMNT and HEAT are the perfect match!