Clearlight® Sanctuary Retreat Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

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Welcome to the Sanctuary Retreat, where wellness knows no bounds. This wheelchair accessible full spectrum infrared sauna combines ease of entry for a wheelchair and luxury in one remarkable design. With ample space to comfortably seat 3-4 people, the Sanctuary Retreat ensures that everyone can partake in the rejuvenating experience.

The Retreat features removable benches that effortlessly create an open and inviting interior. Embrace the freedom to stretch, exercise, or simply bask in the serene atmosphere within the sauna. The powerful carbon-ceramic far-infrared heaters combined with the two 500 watt full spectrum heaters on the front glass envelop you in therapeutic warmth, promoting relaxation and detoxification.


  • 77″ x 65″ x 86″
  • 240 volts | 15.1 amps | 3,610 watts
  • Weight: 780 lbs
  • Mahogany or Basswood
  • (2) 500w Full Spectrum heaters emitting near, mid and far infrared heat
  • Low EMF / Low ELF
  • Tablet/Smartphone control
  • Doctor Designed Ergonomic Bench/Backrest
  • Medical Grade Chromotherapy Lights
  • Complete Limited Lifetime Warranty



The Sanctuary Retreat is available in either Mahogany or Basswood.  Clearlight® uses an 8mm thick tempered glass and double wall tongue and groove construction.


True Wave™ far infrared heaters on the back wall, side walls and in the floor.

True Wave™ full spectrum heaters located on the front wall.


Width: 71″
Depth: 61″
Height: 81″
Benches: Two 35″ x 22″ flat benches
Ramp: 36″ x 28″
Slope:  1:12 (1″ – 2.25″)


Width: 76″
Depth: 64.5″
Height: 85.5″
Weight: 780 lbs
When building the Sanctuary Retreat into an enclosed space, we recommend leaving 2″ around the sauna.


240 volts
3,610w watts
15.1 amps
Plugs into a 240v outlet.
Plug:  NEMA 6-20p




True Wave® Carbon-Ceramic Far Infrared Heaters

Clearlight’s True Wave® Carbon-Ceramic Far Infrared Heaters provide a superior sauna experience. Strategically positioned on all four walls, behind the calves, and beneath the floor, they ensure maximum exposure to therapeutic far infrared waves. This design ensures a consistent, enveloping warmth for optimal health benefits.


Ultra low EMF

Clearlight® sets the industry standard with their independently tested ultra-low EMF heaters, leading the way as the pioneer of low EMF carbon heaters. Clearlight patent-pending technology ensures that EMF levels are virtually zero where you sit in the sauna. As always, Clearlight® prioritizes your health, safety, and peace of mind, standing out as the front runner in low EMF sauna solutions.


Eco-Certified Wood

Crafted from premium, sustainably-harvested woods including Okoume Mahogany and North American Basswood, each sauna offers durability and beauty.


Bluetooth Sound System

Every Clearlight sauna boasts an integrated Bluetooth sound system, ensuring your relaxation is accompanied by crystal-clear audio. With high-performance Nakamichi speakers in place, you’re guaranteed an immersive listening experience during every sauna session.


Deep Reversible Ergonomic To Flat Bench

Most models have a 22″ Reversible ergonomic bench that’s flat on one side and ergonomically curved for exceptional comfort on the other side. The Sanctuary Retreat and Sanctuary Yoga models have removable benches and the Sanctuary Outdoor 5 and Premier IS-5 have a flat bench that folds into a chaise lounge recliner.



Clearlight Saunas are designed by a doctor, not simply endorsed by a doctor. Find out more about the Clearlight founder, Dr. Raleigh Duncan


Full-Spectrum Heating Technology

True Wave™ Full Spectrum infrared heaters have the highest output of near infrared, mid infrared and far infrared available. Sanctuary models have two 500 watt full spectrum heaters delivering approximately 1/3 near infrared, 1/3 mid infrared and 1/3 far infrared. A 300 watt full spectrum heater can also be added to the door panel of Clearlight Premier and Sanctuary saunas.


ELF Shielding

Just as important as eliminating EMF, Clearlight® is the only infrared sauna company in the industry that shields against ELF (extremely low frequencies.) All Clearlight® saunas are shielded from high levels of EMF and ELF. It’s the Clearlight commitment to offer the safest possible environment for each of our customers.


Hot Yoga Sauna

Clearlight® pioneered the innovative “Hot Yoga” sauna cabin concept. In the Sanctuary Yoga and Sanctuary Retreat saunas, the dual benches can be swiftly removed, unveiling a spacious area perfect for workouts, stretches, or yoga sessions. With heaters reaching all the way to the floor, you’ll achieve maximum therapeutic benefits throughout your exercises.


Advanced Chromotherapy Lighting

Clearlight Premier Saunas come with a basic Chromotherapy light system that include 36 LEDs. The Sanctuary line of saunas come standard with the Advanced Chromotherapy system which utilizes 96 LEDs to give a brilliant infusion of your choice of colored lights. This advanced system is also available as an upgrade for Premier Saunas.


Lifetime Warranty

Clearlight® stands confidently behind the quality of their saunas by offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Every aspect of the sauna, from the structure to individual components, is covered for the lifetime of the original owner. *Sanctuary Outdoor saunas have a Lifetime Warranty on everything inside the sauna and a 5-year warranty on the exterior cabin.


Digital Controls With Reservation Mode

Navigate your sauna experience with precision using the Digital Controls, now enhanced with a Reservation Mode. Set a countdown timer, and once it expires, your sauna automatically activates, beginning its warm-up phase, readying itself for your relaxation.


Remote Operation Capability

Sanctuary models come with a unique remote operation capability, allowing users to control their sauna remotely using the Clearlight mobile app. Whether you’re preheating your sauna before driving home from work or from another part of the house, the app brings control to your fingertips. Please note, this feature may not be compatible with all Wi-Fi networks.


Sauna Skylight

Experience a new dimension of relaxation with the Sauna Skylight in the Sanctuary models. The front third of the roof features a glass design, bathing the interior with natural light and crafting an expansive, open ambiance for an unparalleled sauna experience.

Personalize your Sauna with a variety of available upgrades

Clearlight® Infrared Saunas come with the capacity to add a range of additional features to maximize the therapeutic benefits of your infrared sauna experience, turning your sauna into a complete wellness capsule.


All Clearlight® Saunas can accommodate the design award winning HALOONE® Halotherapy upgrade.

Halotherapy replicates the natural climate of a salt cave by dispersing a high concentration of microsalt particles into the air, providing a holistic treatment for respiratory conditions.

$1199 (reg. $1599) save $400
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The Clearlight® Aroma One® Essential Oil Diffuser

Enjoy aromatherapy benefits in your sauna, home, or office with the Clearlight® Aroma One® essential oil diffuser. The Aroma One® Aromatherapy Diffuser uses ultrasonic, high-frequency technology to convert water and essential oil into a fine mist that is dispersed in the air.

The Aroma One® essential oil diffuser can be run from any electrical outlet with the included USB-C cable (power cube not included) or can be run with the optional battery (not included). Plugged into an electrical outlet, the runtime is about 4 hours. When running the Aroma One® on the optional battery, you can expect about 2.5 hours of run time.

$75 (reg. $124) save $49
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Full Spectrum Door Heater

All Clearlight® saunas can accommodate an extra 300 watt Full Spectrum Heater. Add an additional 300 watt full spectrum heater to your sauna and benefit from the advantages of the entire infrared spectrum. It is mounted on the interior of the door, plugs conveniently into a socket already built into your sauna and can be controlled separately via the pre-installed control panel.

For Clearlight® Premier Sauna owners, this add-on upgrades your sauna from far-infrared to full-spectrum.

$500 (reg. $600) save $100

Red Light Therapy Tower

Most Clearlight® saunas can accommodate a Red Light Therapy (RLT) Tower.

Intentionally designed for inside your sauna, with a built-in advanced cooling system, this is the only Red Light Therapy device that can operate in the high temperatures of an infrared sauna without being damaged by the heat.

The Red Light Therapy Tower combines high-intensity narrow and wide optic LEDs to ensure maximum exposure to near-infrared and visible red wavelengths over your body, benefitting your mitochondria, skin health, circulation, and more.

$1599 (reg. $1999) save $400
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VRT – Vibration Resonance Therapy

Most Clearlight® saunas can accommodate the Vibrational Resonance Therapy upgrade.

A combination of sound and vibration, the VRT is used to provide deeper relaxation during your sauna session. The VRT can be operated through Bluetooth or the sauna’s control pad, and installed underneath the sauna bench.

The VRT synchronizes both sound and touch, assisting users in meditation and comfort during their sauna sessions.

$550 (reg. $750) save $200

Ergonomic Backrest

The movable backrest offers extra back support and comfort during your sauna session.

Designed by Dr. Raleigh Duncan, a Chiropractic Physician and Clearlight Founder, this is another added level of comfort to the experience.

Use your backrest to sit comfortably against the side wall with your legs resting on the bench. Since you are surrounded by panel emitters, you have maximum flexibility choosing your sitting position, without losing potency.

$60 (reg. $70) save $10