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Turn Your Home Into A Wellness Retreat

Turn Your Home Into A Wellness Retreat You don’t need a large space to create a wellness retreat in your home – sometimes, the cozier, the better. We recently asked our Instagram community “What would be in your self-care space”? A few common threads were: yoga, heat therapy, cold plunge and a chef’s kitchen. We enjoyed the feedback so much...

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Methylene Blue and Red Light: The Colors of Neuroprotection

Methylene Blue and Red Light: The Colors of Neuroprotection Written by Troscriptions BLUE: Did you know that besides staining our tongues blue and turning on smurf mode, methylene blue (MB) has been historically used in biochemistry as a dye for microbes and blood smears? (A sphincter says) What!?* Is MB actually good for us? Or Is it dangerous? RED: Did you know...

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Chromotherapy and its Effects

Chromotherapy and its Effects Ancient cultures relied on colors to stimulate emotions, accompany spiritual practices and treat ailments. Today we call the influence of visible color on the mind and body Chromotherapy, also known as Color Therapy. Chromotherapy impacts us through light wavelengths which our body responds to based on biological predispositions and social learning. Color Therapy is a technique...

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6 Reasons to Put Infrared Saunas on Your Must-Do List

6 Reasons to Put Infrared Saunas on Your Must-Do List Dr. Frank Lipman   Saunas. They’re relaxing, rejuvenating and can even feel a little indulgent. But did you know a regular sauna routine is also a very pleasurable way to enhance health? As you’re probably aware, I’m a big believer in engaging in as many good-for-you activities as possible, and saunas, particularly infrared...

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What to Consider When Purchasing a Sauna

What to Consider When Purchasing a Sauna Infrared saunas are all the rage these days, but when it comes to selecting a model, the choices can be overwhelming. Fitting it into your budget is key, but there are many other factors to consider. Not all saunas are created equal, so we put together a helpful list for you to consider...

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What is Red Light Therapy

What is Red Light Therapy Red Light Therapy, also known as photobiomodulation (PBM), is a combination of red light and near infrared. PBM is a noninvasive treatment which was first used in a scientific study in 1967, by Professor Endre Mester. During the 1980s NASA began using intense Red Light Therapy (RLT) to grow plants in space. While studying the...

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What Is An Infrared Sauna

WHAT IS AN INFRARED SAUNA? By Dr. Raleigh Duncan, Founder of Clearlight Saunas Most alternative health centers use infrared saunas as a critical part of their healing regimen, for the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates (commonly referred to as the father of Western medicine) is credited with saying: “Give me a fever and I can cure any disease.” I purchased my first infrared...

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3 women in a Sanctuary 3 infrared sauna

The Hottest Way to Lose Those Extra Pounds

The Hottest way to Lose those Extra Pounds Now that working from home is the new norm, more “offices” are just a few steps from the kitchen. This close proximity to the fridge has led to the dreaded “Covid-19-lb” weight gain. You’ve probably heard the sauna weight loss claim: “Sit in a sauna for 30 minutes and burn 600 calories.”...

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woman sitting in infrared sauna using chromotherapy

The Benefits of Chromotherapy

The Benefits of Chromotherapy The History of Color Light Therapy Chromotherapy, also known as Color Light Therapy, is a technique of restoring balance by means of applying color to the body. Its history is rooted as far back as the Mayan culture. In India, Ayurveda, an ancient form of medicine practiced for thousands of years, is based on the idea that every...

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salt flats

Salt is in the Air

Salt is in the Air: Halotherapy as a Potential Way to Boost Immunity and Lung Health Dr. James DiNicolantonio Halotherapy is the breathing of salty air. It is an alternative treatment that has been used since medieval times. In Eastern and Central Europe, underground salt caves have long been claimed to provide numerous health benefits.1 Going into salt caves for therapeutic purposes...

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